Brand management: the long and short

Poeticus Marketing is a marketing team based in sunny Lincolnshire. We work with brands all over the UK and use this blog as a way to share marketing insights.

A passionate team of marketeers, journalists, artists and brand consultants, between us we’ve clocked up over 50 years in the marketing and media industry. Starting out in the days of keyword stuffing (yes… we were guilty!), we’ve seen (and sometimes shuddered) as the world of marketing has evolved.

Yet despite all of our marketing stories and successes, one thing has always remained the same – we’re here for the long and the short of it (thank you Mark Ritson for always keeping us on the straight and narrow). No matter what your marketing budget is, whether you’re a business owner spinning all the plates or have an impressive marketing resource at your disposal, our focus should always remain the same; the long drives the short. Regardless of the size of your marketing budget, here’s the leveller: you must resist the suck of the short term…however addictive it may seem.

By short term we mean being marketing tactic driven. Quick, fired wins (social media posts for the sake of it, ad-hoc advertising with no clear way to effectively measure your marketing ROI, blog posts without a call to action, or perhaps with too many CTAs!). The alternative?

Well, that’s the long game: those well-researched and optimised series of blog posts, a social media content plan that’s been written to invite a LinkedIn engagement – boost the brand or perhaps lead generation; all of which should form part of your overall ‘big’ strategy.

We’re not saying that the quick wins are to be completely avoided, absolutely not, but you need to ensure that any marketing plan is well thought out and set up for real success and ROIs – your performance marketing (short) will be driven by your brand building (long).